Little thinking behind beach purchase

Gareth MorganEnvironment

Kiwis have generously got behind a campaign to buy 7 hectares of beach and scrub, with the aim to fold it into the Abel Tasman National Park. So far the campaign has raised over $1.3m, attracting over 20,000 donors. Even … Read More

TPPA trust nz

TPPA – It Comes Down to Trust

Geoff SimmonsEnvironment

The controversy over the TPPA looks likely to continue right up to the signing and in the days afterward, with Prime Minister John Key confronting Maori indignation over lack of consultation, and Labour battling internal divisions. Jane Kelsey and other … Read More

Ten things you need to know about climate change

Gareth MorganEnvironment

The Paris climate change summit is upon us. Next week the Morgan Foundation is supporting coverage from Paris by sponsoring the NZ Herald’s science reporter Jamie Morton. To ‘warm up’ for the event, here is a ‘guide for beginners’ – ten … Read More

Could rising sea levels hit the Government’s books?

Gareth MorganEnvironment

On Thursday the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE) released a report which recommended the Finance Minister work with insurers, banks, local authorities and residents to develop a plan for sea level rise. The Finance Minister’s response was that the … Read More

Uber vs the Taxis

Geoff SimmonsEconomics

Regulation is important, but unless it is nimble and well managed it can become a bigger problem than whatever it was intended to solve. We’ve seen one example of that in with minimum parking requirements, but another, much bigger regulatory … Read More

Top 5 questions over TPPA

Geoff SimmonsEconomics

The Trans Pacific deal is done and the negotiators are heading home. The Government is now beginning a charm offensive to convince us that it is a good deal, but a lot of uncertainties remain until we see the full … Read More