Pennies from heaven

Why cash works best to ensure all children thrive

Too many children in New Zealand are failing to thrive. These children are, in the main, living in families who are struggling with rising costs and low incomes. Families who are being pushed to breaking point. Are the strategies being used to counter the problem powerful or just popular? 

In “Pennies from heaven” we look at what really works to ensure all children have the chance to thrive. Is cash simply the most obvious but disregarded solution?

Ultimately, we challenge the idea that the problem lies within poor families. Rather, this is about all families in New Zealand and what happens when we find ourselves poor.

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Over half of New Zealand families experience at least one year of income poverty after the arrival a child.

Rising housing costs, insecure and low paid jobs, means many families with children are being pushed to breaking point.

The stress of living without enough is at the heart of why children from low-income families in New Zealand are less likely to thrive.

“Money without strings” for all families with children is the most powerful tool we have to lift the stress off families and ensure all children get what they need to thrive. Find out why….

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It is not about poor families, it is about all families and what happens when we find ourselves poor.

Find out more about families who find themselves poor.

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