Name and Shame Time

Gareth MorganEnvironment

I get pretty sick of faceless organisations whose senior people fail to stand up and face the music when they make blunders or outrageous claims. Despite unleashing its obscene affront to New Zealand’s native heritage a week ago and inciting … Read More

Birdsong Returning to Wellington


How Kelvin Haste helped transform his suburb and his city.  Have you heard what’s going on in Wellington? It’s a sound that is music to the ears of NEXT Predator Free Community Champion Kelvin Hastie the Crofton Downs resident who was … Read More

Councils to consider national cat legislation

Jessi MorganEnvironment

As part of the LGNZ’s AGM this week local councils will vote on a remit to improve the management of cats in New Zealand. If successful councils will lobby the Government for development of national legislation to help manage cats. … Read More