Local Democracy is broken, but whose fault is it?

Geoff SimmonsPolitics

Local democracy is failing to deliver in many parts of the country, which in some extreme cases (Canterbury) has led to the removal of their powers. In Auckland a similar threat hung over the Council if they didn’t pass the … Read More

Face to face: Wellington Mayoral Candidates

Gareth MorganPolitics

You should have recieved your voting forms in the mail, so it’s your chance to have a say. Make sure you get informed, and vote in the local body elections. To help you do this we have talked to Wellington’s … Read More

Why I’m so keen on a new Flag

Gareth MorganPolitics

I see that 88% of those polled are against changing the flag. Yesterday the second Christchurch meeting to discuss the flag change attracted 14 people – at least they got more people than are on the panel this time. These … Read More

Our leaders’ soul searching over sovereignty

Gareth MorganPolitics, Treaty

If you’re scratching your head over the latest war of words between Andrew Little and John Key, you’re not the only one. Both have been talking about Maori sovereignty, and the implications of the Waitangi Tribunal’s decision that the Northern … Read More