Marine Protection Good For Business

Gareth MorganEnvironment

Most of our country is under water. 95% in fact. Given we have so much ocean, there is bound to be plenty of resource out there – including fish, energy, oil, ironsands and minerals (like phosphate on the Chatham Rise). … Read More

Wellington Free Ambulance from Jo

Gareth MorganMorgan Foundation

Jo Morgan and her great friend, Ann Selkirk, were happy to donate money towards a new Wellington Free Ambulance yesterday.  This has been a personal interest for Jo, as she believes this is a vital service to the Wellington community … … Read More

Clarity Crucial for Fresh Water

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As our rivers have been getting murkier over the past few years, the quality of public information has been heading in the same direction. That has all changed with the launch of Land, Air and Water Aotearoa (LAWA). LAWA is … Read More