South Island Kaka thank DOC for its Efforts


See the stoat creating havoc in the Kaka’s nest in this video. Then look at the impact on nesting numbers after the aerial 1080 drop was completed – 30 times more nests!

This is what the battle to save and enhance New Zealand’s wildlife is all about – increasing the population numbers by using all the tools at our disposal – aerial drops in the remote areas and baits and traps in the vicinity of human habitats.

How can anyone in their right mind not be supportive of these efforts? The evidence is so strong it really is a no-brainer.

Congrats to the National government for endorsing the vision of Predator Free 2050, and big ups to the Labour Coalition government for further boosting the commitment. And of course congrats to all the New Zealand communities that are coming out and playing their part with the efforts to create predator free communities.

It’s just so good to see New Zealand getting behind what has at times been a pretty lonely vigil for DOC over the years. The benefits to us from boosting our native fauna and flora are not just ecological, they’re economic – and as I posted last week, there’s good evidence of a direct positive impact on our wellbeing as well.

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