Philanthropy is an area of endeavour on which much has been written but which there remains wide debate on the best way to be effective, the methodology behind grants decisions, and the hazards of crowding-out the Welfare State. At MF we continue to study the literature and use it to shape our views on the best way forward for our Charitable Trust. The following are a potpourri of contributions to that debate so far.

One thing we have learnt already – not to set anything in concrete as there is so much to learn about effective giving and as we set out on this path it is clear there will be many a stumble along the route to donor excellence. April 2006, First Discussion Document on Philanthropy, Gareth Morgan June 2006, Forming a Philanthropic Foundation, Infometrics August 2006, Speech to Wellington City Mission AGM on Beginners Guide to Philanthropy, Gareth Morgan December 2006, The Secrets of Good Living, Suzanne McGee, Barrons

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