TPPA Negotiation Tactics: Why the Secrecy?

Gareth MorganEconomics

It’s a couple of months since we last wrote on the TPPA, has anything happened since? Only more evidence that the expectations of those involved in the process continue to be set back – which seems to be the nature … Read More

We need a fresh look at the Treaty of Waitangi

Gareth MorganPolitics

Every group needs an equal say — granting unique power to anyone is a quick path to a divided nation. Big changes are being discussed over the way political power is shared, changes that should make all Kiwis sit up … Read More

Too much to ask of the Waitangi Tribunal

Gareth MorganPolitics

Last week the Waitangi Tribunal released its findings from the first stage of its hearing into claims from the Far North tribes. The claim is known as ‘Wai 1040’ and the Tribunal’s report highlights everything that is wrong with the … Read More

Which food company is killing us the quickest?

Gareth MorganHealth

It is that time of the year again – time to vote for the Munch Awards, including the worst kid’s food product and worst kid’s food marketing campaign. This time the voting is nicely timed to fit with Diabetes Awareness … Read More