Talk Treaty at Wellington Airport

Gareth MorganTreaty

It’s been one year since the launch of Talk Treaty. We’re proud to celebrate the opening of this exhibit at Wellington airport. Make sure you check it out or you can watch online at Talk Treaty at Wellington Airport … Read More

Andrew Judd: How the Taranaki Maori ward debate began

Geoff SimmonsTreaty

In May, Andrew Judd announced he wouldn’t be standing for reelection as Mayor of New Plymouth. Mike Hosking caused a media storm by suggesting that if Maori wanted representation they should stand for Council; revealing his complete ignorance about the … Read More

Aotearoa New Zealand: we need to talk

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Morgan Foundation’s Nick Tansley went to Taranaki to join the ‘Peace Walk’ hikoi for the first day. He asked some of the people involved what motivated them to take part in the walk. As you’ll see they want to start … Read More

Five reality checks on Maori fresh water rights

Susan GuthrieTreaty

Maori rights to fresh water deserve a better quality of debate than we’ve seen recently. The debate is actually about three things: acknowledging and implementing Maori rights to fresh water; allocating the economic benefits of water; and the New Zealand … Read More

How local authorities can ensure the Treaty is honoured

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The recent furore in New Plymouth around Mayor Andrew Judd is about more than the loss of a progressive local political leader. Mr Judd’s attempt to ensure Maori treaty entitlements are respected highlights an important question – exactly how does … Read More

Seven Sharp hosking Ignorant

Sharp Bigotry at Seven

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The announcement by New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd that he is not standing again, is a tragedy. By all accounts Andrew has been a good leader of the community and the fact that his withdrawal is over the visceral nature … Read More