What’s the real inequality?

Gareth MorganTax and Welfare

 Judging by the questions we have received, inequality seems to be one of the hot topics of this election. There are probably a number of reasons for this. The 2010 book Spirit Level summarised the latest incarnation of this debate, … Read More

National Minister Muddying the Waters

Gareth MorganEnvironment

The Government’s recently announced approach to fresh water is indeed a step forward and Ministers are to be congratulated for that. But don’t be fooled by Environment Minister Amy Adam’s effusion – we still don’t have a water management policy … Read More

Dunne and Dusted

Geoff SimmonsEnvironment, Fisheries Management

United Future underlined its dinosaur status yesterday with its “Outdoors” spokesperson’s response to our blog on Labour Party hopeful Janette Walker’s idea of licensing recreational fishers. The press release was full of falsehoods but the real question is whether United … Read More

Ruataniwha/ Tukituki: A Dummies Guide

Geoff SimmonsEnvironment

There has been a lot of noise about the Ruataniwha dam, which was proposed for the Tukituki catchment in the Hawkes Bay. And rightly so, because the decision is a big deal for the way we manage our fresh water. … Read More

Food Labelling – A Tantalising Taste of Change

Geoff SimmonsHealth

The Government, in line with our Australian cousins, is finally bringing in a new front of pack labelling system for all packaged food (the stuff at the supermarket). It’s a step in the right direction, but we desperately need more … Read More

Politicians reach a new low on tax

Susan GuthrieEconomics

Wouldn’t it be nice if elections were about uncovering the best government policies and the best people to implement them? Isn’t that why we have a democracy in the first place? Well, we can kiss that illusion goodbye. Take a … Read More