Saving the Yellow Eyed Penguin (Hoiho)

Geoff SimmonsEnvironment

The Yellow-Eyed Penguin (hoiho) is found only in the southern reaches of New Zealand – on the South Island, Rakiura and subantarctic islands. We don’t really know how many hoiho there are left, but they are classed as nationally vulnerable. … Read More

Queenstown – 100% Purely full

Geoff SimmonsEconomics

Queenstown – 100% Purely full The focus and debate lately has been on Auckland, which is bursting at the seams with population growth and an average housing market topping $1m. However, there is one area of the country that is … Read More

Coke impact rights

Does Freedom Come in a 600ml Bottle?

Geoff SimmonsFood, Health

It is great to hear New Zealand Initiative researcher Jenesa Jeram admit that ideology is partly behind their opposition to taxing junk food. As any sugar addict can attest, awareness is always the first step to change. She goes on … Read More

Rod Oram three cities

The Societies of Tomorrow

Geoff SimmonsEnvironment

Rod Oram’s new book covers a lot of ground, both physically and metaphorically. The title is pretty self-explanatory; he travels to Three Cities with the goal of Seeking Hope in the Anthropocene. The three cities in question are Beijing, London … Read More

How Minister Smith Could Deal with Land Banking

Geoff SimmonsEconomics

The average price of a house in Auckland is predicted to pass $1m when official figures are released later this week. In an interview on TV3’s The Nation over the weekend the Housing Minister Nick Smith (dubbed by Paddy Gower … Read More