Decriminalising Dope Doable

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A new survey out today suggests that a majority of Kiwis, from right across the political spectrum, favour decriminalising cannabis. While this wouldn’t give the same benefits as full legalisation, it would still cut criminal justice costs substantially. Overall this … Read More

NIMBY Backlash to The Auckland Unitary Plan

NIMBY Backlash to The Auckland Unitary Plan

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With a residents association representing existing property owners in a leafy suburb threatening legal action, and wealthy residents in the coveted Paritai Drive expressing outrage, the battle lines for the Unitary Plan are drawn. The fact is that the Unitary … Read More

Andrew Judd: How the Taranaki Maori ward debate began

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In May, Andrew Judd announced he wouldn’t be standing for reelection as Mayor of New Plymouth. Mike Hosking caused a media storm by suggesting that if Maori wanted representation they should stand for Council; revealing his complete ignorance about the … Read More

Why German House Prices have been Flat

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Why German House Prices have been Flat The picture below says it all – German house prices have been flat (in real terms) for the past 30 years, while over the same time ours have increased by 150%. This despite … Read More

Three Questions for Labour on their Housing Policy

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Labour’s housing policy hit all the right political notes; more social housing, more affordable housing, a tax-based rap over the knuckles for all those ‘nasty’ investors and of course a ban on foreign buyers. The question is can they deliver? … Read More