Environmental impacts of farming need fresh thinking

Geoff SimmonsEnvironment

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s latest report is as enlightening and robust as ever, as we discussed yesterday. However, in some respects the report is a missed opportunity, mainly because of the Commissioner’s approach of producing stand-alone reports on … Read More

Supermarkets Sign Voluntary Healthy Eating Accord

Geoff SimmonsFood, Health

Yesterday New Zealand’s top supermarket brands (including New World, Pak n Save, Four Square and Countdown) agreed to a voluntary accord to encourage healthy eating. This is a positive first step, and welcome recognition from these large companies that the … Read More

Cheats Never Prosper

Geoff SimmonsEnvironment

In a speech to the Environmental Defence Society Climate Change and Business Conference, the Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett said the Government is looking at measures to encourage more forests to be planted. This is tantamount to an admission of … Read More

The Unitary Plan Improves Choice

Geoff SimmonsProperty

The inevitable has happened; the NIMBYs (not in my backyarders) opposing the Unitary Plan have turned to legal redress to prevent change. The likes of the Character Coalition claim that the Unitary Plan process “trampled on people’s rights”, but this … Read More

NZ housing

Nigel Latta Only Tells Half the Story on the Economy

Geoff SimmonsEconomics

Last night Nigel Latta tackled the long-standing issue of the struggling New Zealand economy. For decades the country has been focused on working harder and producing more stuff rather than working smarter and making better stuff. We’ve been a big … Read More

Local Democracy is broken, but whose fault is it?

Geoff SimmonsPolitics

Local democracy is failing to deliver in many parts of the country, which in some extreme cases (Canterbury) has led to the removal of their powers. In Auckland a similar threat hung over the Council if they didn’t pass the … Read More