Has Horizons Council been hijacked by dairy farmers?

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The Morgan Foundation is committed to swimmable rivers, because that is what the vast majority of Kiwis say they want. Of course if a local community decides they don’t want that, it is up to them. But communities shouldn’t have water pollution forced upon them.

We’ve previously talked about how the rights to use and pollute fresh water are being distributed in some parts of the country, and how that can have a big impact on different land users. We’ve also talked about how Government and Councils have started with the best of intentions, but eventually ended up bowing to the wishes of the big polluters, rather than backing the wishes of the community for swimmable rivers.

In this Face to Face we talk to farmer Andrew Day about his experiences with the One Plan in the Horizons area. His story is eye-opening, and shows how important it is for people to engage in Regional Council elections if they care about our rivers and lakes.

This interview helps explain the background to why Fish and Game and the Environmental Defence Society have today filed proceedings against the Horizons Council, for not implementing their own plan to clean up rivers and lakes in the region.


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