The Six Dumbest Objections to Changing our Flag

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You should never change your flag While change for change’s sake is not desirable as people get an affinity for the familiar and come to love their flag, it is ridiculous to assert that no matter what, changing the flag … Read More

Gareth Morgan offers $20k to design his flag entry

Gareth MorganTreaty

Gareth Morgan believes any new flag needs to acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi, in which partners agreed to share this land and ensure that each other’s cultures thrive. Morgan believes NZ needs to embrace this opportunity to change our flag … Read More

Towards a Shortlist of Suitable Flag Designs

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We are up to 3,000 flag entries now and as I peruse them it is evident that the strongest preference is to design a flag that incorporates the existing and the Maori flag as well as the silver fern. That … Read More

Get rid of our flag of subservience

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When John Key first raised the issue of changing the flag it seemed like a random flight of fancy, especially when he referred to our flag as a “brand” – as though we should decide whether we fancied the silver … Read More

Democracy Under Threat in New Zealand

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Howie Tamati, sole Maori councillor on the New Plymouth District Council, sees the granting of Maori wards on local councils as a step in the right direction, “not the right answer but a start” (Insight, Radio NZ, March 1st). He … Read More

Our leaders’ soul searching over sovereignty

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If you’re scratching your head over the latest war of words between Andrew Little and John Key, you’re not the only one. Both have been talking about Maori sovereignty, and the implications of the Waitangi Tribunal’s decision that the Northern … Read More