Welcome to our world

Susan GuthrieTreaty

Last week we had the formal launch of our Talktreaty project – a video exhibition and online video collection about the Treaty of Waitangi. For a year now I have been leading this project for the Morgan Foundation. It followed … Read More

A Flag, a logo or a tea towel?

Gareth MorganTreaty

The Flag Consideration Panel has published its “long list” of 40 entries from the 10,000 plus it has sifted through. And an overview of all 40 tells us in no uncertain terms what the dominant preference of the panel is … Read More

Our Flag Competition

Gareth MorganTreaty

Why did I run the competition? It was clear from the public’s response that the understanding of what the current flag represents is minimal. It’s a defaced British naval ensign, modified first in 1867 as required by the British Colonial … Read More

Let’s talk. Talk Treaty coming 6th August.

Gareth MorganTreaty

On 6th August the Morgan Foundation will launch a video exhibition and online collection called “Talk Treaty”. The video collection is based on interviews with many well-known New Zealand personalities – Maori and non-Maori – talking frankly about the Treaty … Read More

A Maori perspective on the flag

Gareth MorganTreaty

There is only a few days left to enter our flag competition and have a chance to win $20k. We talked to one of our judges Desna Whaanga-Schollum to get a Maori perspective on the flag debate. What does she think … Read More

Why Having the Right Flag is Important

Gareth MorganTreaty

Our motorcycle ride around the Carolinas and the rest of America’s Bible Belt continues during interesting times. This week in America there has been a furore over the racist-inspired murder of members of bible class in the South Carolina city … Read More