Whiteboard Friday: To Dam or not to Dam?

Gareth MorganEnvironment2 Comments

Whether irrigation schemes stack up economically usually depends on what you think will happen to the milk price. This Whiteboard Friday looks at the example of the Wairarapa Whiteboard Friday: To Dam or not to Dam? was last modified: September … Read More

Rod Oram three cities

The Societies of Tomorrow

Geoff SimmonsEnvironment6 Comments

Rod Oram’s new book covers a lot of ground, both physically and metaphorically. The title is pretty self-explanatory; he travels to Three Cities with the goal of Seeking Hope in the Anthropocene. The three cities in question are Beijing, London … Read More

Whiteboard Friday: What’s Peter Dunne?

Gareth MorganEnvironment2 Comments

This week Peter Dunne announced the United Future environmental policy: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA1609/S00004/dunne-speaks-six-steps-to-future-proof-the-environment.htm No one seemed to notice, but we did! This Whiteboard Friday is all about the six steps Peter announced. The one area where we outright disagree with Peter is … Read More