How much poo would you feel safe to swim in?

Paul YoungEnvironment

That might strike you as a strange question, but it’s a very real one at the heart of the debate on the Government’s proposed targets for swimmable rivers and lakes in its Clean Water 2017 package. The proposal has generated … Read More

Is New Zealand’s growth model stuffed?

Paul YoungEconomics, Environment, Uncategorized

The international organisation that reports on the economic wellbeing of developed countries delivered us a stark message last week: “New Zealand’s growth model is approaching its environmental limits. Greenhouse gas emissions are increasing. Pollution of freshwater is increasing across a … Read More

2016: The Year Climate Change Got Crazy

Paul YoungEnvironment

2016… it’s felt like living in a history book at times. The spate of iconic celebrity deaths. The earthquakes. And of course, the disruptive politics of Brexit, Donald Trump, and now for New Zealanders, the unexpected resignation of our Prime … Read More

Where to now for Government climate negotiations?

Gareth MorganEnvironment

Yesterday we revealed the Government’s covert plan to cook the books – by changing the accounting rules for forestry they planned to mask our growing greenhouse gas emissions. It appears that they were trying to slip this through under the … Read More