Whiteboard Friday: To Dam or not to Dam?

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Whether irrigation schemes stack up economically usually depends on what you think will happen to the milk price. This Whiteboard Friday looks at the example of the Wairarapa

Whiteboard Friday: To Dam or not to Dam? was last modified: September 23rd, 2016 by Gareth Morgan
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Gareth Morgan is a New Zealand economist and commentator on public policy who in previous lives has been in business as an economic consultant, funds manager, and professional company director. He is also a motorcycle adventurer and philanthropist. Gareth and his wife Joanne have a charitable foundation, the Morgan Foundation, which has three main stands of philanthropic endeavour – public interest research, conservation and social investment.

2 Comments on “Whiteboard Friday: To Dam or not to Dam?”

  1. What was the eventual outcome of the “Think Big” projects?

    It seems to me that most of them have actually come good and contributed a LOT to the country and are still contributing

  2. Thanks for doing this analysis. Even if these sorts of irrigation scheme do have economic benefits for a small group of rural landowners, that is not the sole yardstick.

    Quality of life is a major factor, as anyone living in Havelock North can attest. Trouble is, dollars are all that count under the current government. Economic growth trumps everything. Pretty short-sighted view, intended to get them past the next election.

    Good point about farmers’ use of public water. They are very vocal on private property rights, and shut up real quick when the subject is their asset grab.

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