ERADICAT – Australian attitudes towards Cats

Gareth MorganEnvironment, Media

The Cats the To Go campaign has touched people in many countries around the world. In particular it has sparked massive debate in Australia, where the Australian Geographic has covered it ( ) and now SBS’s Insight program has featured … Read More

TV1 Spotlights Edric

Gareth MorganMorgan Foundation

Last night Close Up did a spot on Edric Baker’s incredible work amongst the poor and infirm of Bangladesh.  His hospital, providing care for the poor by the poor is unique and has stood the test of time – 33 … Read More

Q&A interview with Russel Norman

Gareth MorganEconomics, Environment

Last Sunday Russel Norman and I were on Q&A and were talking about the Green Parties economic policy. Here is the video below if you missed it. What did you think about the interview? Is it possible for us to … Read More