My views on the 2012 budget

Gareth MorganEconomics

Video Transcript Interviewer: Gareth, the government’s budget is coming up on 24th May and they’ve said it will be their second consecutive budget with no new spending. Is there an argument in times like this for the government to actually be … Read More

Gareth and Bernard Hickey on The Big Kahuna

Gareth MorganTax and Welfare

Gareth Morgan, Director of Gareth Morgan Investment, and Bernard Hickey, Editor at Comments available at Video Transcript: Bernard: Hello, I’m Bernard Hickey from, and welcome to another in our series of Double Shot Interviews. Today I’m talking with Gareth Morgan, … Read More

Gareth on Capital Gains Tax

Gareth MorganTax and Welfare

Video Transcript: Interviewer: Gareth, can you tell us in simple terms, what is a capital gains tax? Gareth: It’s a tax on the increase in value of a piece of capital. Now, in this context a piece of capital can be a … Read More