Digging in – Stale Mates Worsen Flag Mess

Gareth MorganTreaty

The debacle over the incompetence of the Flag Consideration Panel is spurring ever-growing ramifications for the politicians. The latest demonstration of petty mindedness from a political quarter comes from Andrew Little who, when faced with the question of whether Labour … Read More

The Treaty of Waitangi – a Subject of National Pride

Gareth MorganTreaty

Our “Talk Treaty” exercise has comprised video recordings wherein a cross section of New Zealanders have been kind enough to speak candidly about their experiences with the treaty and their perspectives on issues related to it. Our interviewees confirmed almost … Read More

Flag Consideration Panel Fails Miserably

Gareth MorganTreaty

“They can have a choice of colours as long as it’s black”. The words so famously uttered by Henry Ford when he launched his Model T may as well apply to the choices John Burrows’ Flag Consideration Panel has provided … Read More

Why we’re talking about online slog-fests.

Susan GuthrieTreaty

Talktreaty and I are in trouble again. We can’t seem to help ourselves. This time we’re the inadvertent cause of a communications policy meltdown – and yes, in case you’re wondering, that is bad news.   The problem is this … Read More

Morgan Congratulates the Shortlist Winners

Gareth MorganTreaty

Congratulations to the designers of the 4 flags on the shortlist – it’s great to be getting down to the final stages of the campaign to change the flag. It is clear the consideration panel have tried to find a … Read More

PM’s flag preference is underwhelming

Gareth MorganTreaty

Prime Minister John Key contextualised his decision to invoke the flag change process with an update of his thinking published in the national dailies last Saturday. Much of what he says I endorse totally. Our current flag is not only … Read More

Being Pakeha

Gareth MorganTreaty

  Last week’s comment from Susan Guthrie highlighted one of the differences between Pakeha and Maori culture – Pakeha struggling with discussions that don’t stick to a strict meeting schedule. This week’s from Dave Armstrong highlights one of commonalities that … Read More

Sweet Home Aotearoa

Gareth MorganTreaty

This billboard on Auckland’s Nelson Street depicts the winner of the Morgan Foundation’s flag competition “Wā kāinga / Home”, designed by Auckland based Studio Alexander. In addition to $20,000, the prize included having the winning design on a prominent billboard. This … Read More

The New Zealand flag should be more than a brand

Gareth MorganTreaty

The flag discussion is coming down to the wire. Unless the Flag Consideration Committee can get some innovative and intelligent flag alternatives into its final four, the rest of their routine will be a dead rubber – there will simply … Read More