Talk Treaty at Wellington Airport

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It’s been one year since the launch of Talk Treaty. We’re proud to celebrate the opening of this exhibit at Wellington airport. Make sure you check it out or you can watch online at

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  1. it’s a hard issue to come to terms with as it is outside the box: parallel societies in one space each with different expectations entrenched powers and no expiry date. To use the Lord of the Rings analogy, the one ring to rule them all will be thrown out and two rings will rule them all (and throw in some closed society thinking). Doesn’t seem like progress to me?

  2. I think enshrining apartheid into our constitution is the worst possible outcome for New Zealand. This politically correct homage to a 170 year old document is bizarre. New Zealand is not a two culture society and this archaic view is a way backwards not forwards. Even the settlement process is a joke. Where you have all Maori having to pay to transfer wealth into the hands of a few living in tribal regions.So youre making most Maori poorer to enrich a few??? I dont and havent seen any advance in Maori stats since the settlement process began.

    All this Treaty nonsense does is solidify racism in New Zealand and condemn Maori to bottom of the heap. Id rather see the billions spent on the poorest Maori as they seem to be the losers in this stupidity. We need to look at how our system is failing Maori and spend the money to help them. The underinvestment in the poor costs our economy billions of dollars per annum. We dont mind spending money on justice,prisons and CYFs but do little to alleviate poverty of whom Maori seem to make up a large percentage of.

    My answer is stop wasting so much time and money on some apology for past wrongs and spend that time and money on helping Maori that need it now!!!

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