Gareth Morgan: make Stewart Island pest-free

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Wellington philanthropist Gareth Morgan has announced his latest project: to make the whole of Stewart Island predator-free. But the island’s 400 residents, particuarly cat owners, aren’t so sure. Stewart Island’s birds, beaches and bush are ignored by all but the … Read More

Name and Shame Time

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I get pretty sick of faceless organisations whose senior people fail to stand up and face the music when they make blunders or outrageous claims. Despite unleashing its obscene affront to New Zealand’s native heritage a week ago and inciting … Read More

The Launch of Predator Free New Zealand

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Yesterday we launched Predator Free New Zealand, a new initiative that the Morgan Foundation are involved with. Predator Free New Zealand has been set up to support the efforts of the many community groups already out there eradicating and controlling predators. To … Read More

Strengthening the Kiwi-Korean Connection

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The next overseas motorcycle odyssey for Gareth Morgan and his intrepid companions portends to be one of their most difficult – not so much because of the rough terrain that stands in their way – but rather because of the … Read More

Predator Free Stewart Island – Update

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Last week we had a second public meeting at the Stewart Island Community Hall at Oban. It was a good vibe. What are we up to? In 2008 in response to constant enquiry, DOC carried out a preliminary assessment of … Read More

Changing Times in Frozen South

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The biology of our far south – the southern ocean, the sub-Antarctic islands, and that slice of Antarctica known as the Ross Protectorate – is changing. On our sub-Antarctic islands, populations of rockhopper penguins are down by 94 per cent, … Read More