Think of the Cats

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This might sound a little strange, but we are worried about cats. Not just the damage they do to our wildlife, but their own welfare too. That is another reason why we want to talk about managing cats. Cat management … Read More

The damage cats do

New Zealand is the last refuge of a huge range of bird species, we’re famous for our claim to be clean and green, and some of us have recognised the huge economic benefit, let alone the ecological dividend, from achieving … Read More

Microchipping the cats of Upper Hutt

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Wellington City Council has led the country by including cats in their Animal Bylaw, making microchipping of cats mandatory. Now we have our next opportunity to move towards a Predator Free Wellington, with Upper Hutt consulting on their Animal Bylaw. … Read More

The call to control cats in Southland

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Environment Southland is currently asking for feedback on their pest management plan. It is an important document as it sets the strategy for pest control in the region for the next 10 years. One of the questions being addressed is … Read More

Cats will damage your mind

Gareth MorganHealth

A “mind-bending” disease found in cat faeces and spread to human brains has been enlisted in Gareth Morgan’s war on moggies. About 40 per cent of people in New Zealand are infected at some time in their lives with toxoplasmosis … Read More

Cats are the #1 wandering predator in Auckland

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Over the weekend the Nation and TV3 News covered the results of our cat camera study which tracked wandering cats in Auckland. The study found similar results to Wellington; that each property has an average of at least 2 cat … Read More

Cats cavorting through capital – Morgan

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The capital’s cats are cavorting through Wellington properties at a rate of 49 million trespasses a year, according to a new study by anti-cat campaigner Gareth Morgan. Island Bay and the rest of the Southern Ward turned out to be … Read More

Study to find cats’ hunting behaviours

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A Victoria University researcher is trying to find out just how deadly the domestic cat is for native wildlife. In a joint project with the Wellington City Council, miniature cameras have been attached to the collars of a group of … Read More

ERADICAT – Australian attitudes towards Cats

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The Cats the To Go campaign has touched people in many countries around the world. In particular it has sparked massive debate in Australia, where the Australian Geographic has covered it ( ) and now SBS’s Insight program has featured … Read More

Saving the Saddleback From Cats – Friend or Feral?

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Is the tide turning in the battle against introduced predators? Over the weekend we heard that tieke (saddleback) are nesting outside the fenced sanctuary of Zealandia. This is a landmark moment for conservation in New Zealand, but also reinforces the … Read More

Gareth Morgan watching, trapping local cats

Gareth MorganEnvironment, Media

Gareth Morgan is keeping a close eye on Wellington’s cats. The high profile philanthropist first courted controversy over his anti-cat stance last year, and has now stepped it up a notch by monitoring and trapping local moggies. He has set … Read More