Councils to consider national cat legislation

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As part of the LGNZ’s AGM this week local councils will vote on a remit to improve the management of cats in New Zealand. If successful councils will lobby the Government for development of national legislation to help manage cats. … Read More

The cat debate is over. What happens next?

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Two years after we first put the cat amongst the pigeons with the Cats to Go campaign, the NZ Vets Association (NZVA) yesterday finally released their definitive, evidence-based position on the issue. The evidence in the report should finally settle … Read More

Rats & Mice

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Our recent cat camera survey has rekindled the debate on wandering cats, and the risks they pose by killing native wildlife and spreading disease, let alone to themselves. The response from some was to express concern about that old chestnut … Read More

Raglan Cat Killings

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I was shocked to see the segment on the Raglan cat killer on Seven Sharp: I want to be clear that I don’t in any way endorse the actions of the Raglan cat killer. This is one issue where … Read More

Morgan Supports Gavin Wilkinson

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Bird breeder Gavin Wilkinson who humanely trapped a wandering cat that was killing his chickens, is to be applauded for destroying the cat, (See this 3 News Article ). We have a terrible hole in our legislation around wandering pets that … Read More

WCC proposing microchipping in Animal Bylaw

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WCC are proposing some changes to the Animal Bylaw which would encourage responsible cat ownership and help manage strays. And to get the changes made the public need to put in their views. We’ve created a quick submission for you … Read More

Yes Prime Minister, Keep Moonbeam to Yourself

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As Prime Minister it’s time for you to be more assertive in defence of New Zealand’s native fauna. As your own Minister of Conservation has pointed out wandering cats are a significant threat to the Kiwi now (let alone the … Read More

Only direct action will fix wandering cat problem

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Recent events in Invercargill with the nuisance caused by “owned” cats wandering over neighbourhood properties, highlights the need for action from central government. In that city the council has introduced a bylaw to restrict to three, the number of cats … Read More

Your domestic cat is not innocent

Like the parent of a bully saying that their little Johnny would not behave like that, if you’re a cat owner reading this, you are probably thinking that the above statistics don’t apply to your cat. The fact is that … Read More

Cat war breaks out in New Zealand

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In this island nation said to harbor more cat owners per capita than any other country, a furor has broken out over a crusade to eradicate man’s second-best friend. The charge is being led by Gareth Morgan, a nationally renowned … Read More

Auckland Cat Colony

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Auckland Cat Colony from Gareth Morgan on Vimeo. Over summer Geoff Simmons met with Peter Dormon of Lonely Miaow, a charity that cares for stray and abandoned cats in Auckland: Together they visited a stray cat colony in Kohimarama – one … Read More