The National Party’s New Flag

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43% of those who voted in the flag referendum supported the PM’s choice, 56% opposed. The electorates with the strongest support for his fern was Tamaki and Selwyn at 52%. These two electorates were also the highest polling National electorates … Read More

Should non-Maori get Special Treatment?

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The loaded question that TVNZ included in its Vox Pop survey sucks and runs counter to all the treaty awareness work that has occurred since 1975, showing yet again that there is an ignorant Trump-like streak running through those who … Read More

Remembering Dr Ranginui Walker

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The video collection had humble origins. After reading everything we could about the Treaty of Waitangi, Gareth and I wanted to test our ideas by asking people many, very personal, questions – what do they identify with, have they … Read More

Neighbours & Segregation in New Zealand

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The academics call it “social connectedness” – the ability of people who belong to diverse groups, especially ethnic groups to “connect” with those who belong to other groups. Film industry icon, Danny Mulheron describes it as “knowing your neighbour”. It … Read More

Digging in – Stale Mates Worsen Flag Mess

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The debacle over the incompetence of the Flag Consideration Panel is spurring ever-growing ramifications for the politicians. The latest demonstration of petty mindedness from a political quarter comes from Andrew Little who, when faced with the question of whether Labour … Read More