The Six Dumbest Objections to Changing our Flag

Gareth MorganTreaty

You should never change your flag While change for change’s sake is not desirable as people get an affinity for the familiar and come to love their flag, it is ridiculous to assert that no matter what, changing the flag … Read More

Towards a Shortlist of Suitable Flag Designs

Gareth MorganTreaty

We are up to 3,000 flag entries now and as I peruse them it is evident that the strongest preference is to design a flag that incorporates the existing and the Maori flag as well as the silver fern. That … Read More

Why I’m so keen on a new Flag

Gareth MorganPolitics

I see that 88% of those polled are against changing the flag. Yesterday the second Christchurch meeting to discuss the flag change attracted 14 people – at least they got more people than are on the panel this time. These … Read More