Shimshal TrustShimshal TrustShimshal TrustInspired by six months as a volunteer teacher in Shimshal, Pakistani Kashmir, Pam Henson returned and led the formation of the Shimshal Trust in 2002. The aim of the Trust is to partner with the Shimshali people in specific development schemes, particularly schemes that will become self-sustaining. Shimshal is a small farming and herding community situated in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, near the border with China. Its elevation is 3008 metres above sea level and it has a cold ‘desert’ climate with very little precipitation. The Shimshali are Ismaili Muslims who eat what they grow, largely hardy cereals (wheat and barley) and potatoes. They complement this with extensive herding of sheep, goats, cattle and yaks. Until recently the village was only accessible on foot but in 2002 a road was completed through the narrow, steep gorge connecting the village with the Karakoram Highway. This has resulted in a more varied economy and a better standard of living. The Shimshal Trust funds scholarships to help students with financial need and promising ability attend high school or university. Some of the scholarships are reserved for teachers so that they can improve their qualifications, return to the village and thus lift the general quality of education in the local school. You can contact The Shimshal Trust via

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