Nigel Latta’s show on sugar is one of the most influential pieces of TV this year

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Nigel Latta’s show on sugar last night was one of the best of his series. The shows wrap-up made for one of TV’s most powerful moments for the year. The show simply and fairly illustrated the impact that excess sugar is having on our health. Many of his points aligned with the findings in the book Appetite for Destruction:

  • Sugar is tucked away in a lot of modern processed foods – not just the treats
  • Sugar doesn’t fill us up – so we end up eating more
  • The average Kiwi eats far more than the recommended amount of sugar
  • Sugar is part of the reason that two thirds of Kiwis are obese or overweight, and one in four are at risk of diabetes
  • Sugar is also linked to the risk of heart attacks
Food industry stooge Katherine Rich (Watch at 28 mins) claims that sugar and fat taxes would harm the poor and haven’t worked elsewhere. This is untrue – it all depends on how a tax is implemented and how the revenue generated gets spent.

They also claim that what adults eat is a matter of personal responsibility. But what about the marketing targeted at kids? Or the misleading advertising and labelling that has led to sugar being smuggled into ‘healthy’ products like yoghurt?



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