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With the announcement of Gareth Morgan’s new political project: The Opportunities Party (TOP), there may be some of you wondering what now for the Morgan Foundation? Well in many ways nothing changes, it is business as usual for the foundation, just with a new chief in charge.

In his announcement of The Opportunities Party Gareth said

“I have resigned as a trustee of Morgan Foundation to focus on this political campaign. MF will continue the work on the public policy research, environmental projects and projects as it has been since its establishment in 2006.”

I have stepped into Gareth’s former role and will head the Foundations work stream.

Is the Foundation independent from The Opportunities Party?

Having resigned from the Morgan Foundation, Gareth will no longer direct any work or funds of the Foundation; his legal position in relation to the Foundation is about the same as the person on the street (that is to say he has no legal position).

That is not to say that The Opportunities Party or any other political party cannot use our work. The Morgan Foundation’s work is for the public good and we place it in a public forum for this reason.

We encourage all political parties to engage with our research and consider the evidence-based policies we have developed. Given we have been researching many of these topics for ten years, we would be delighted for them to get real political traction and do not mind who picks them up. That is the benefit of evidenced based policy – ideology takes a back seat.

What can you expect from the Morgan Foundation in 2017? 

In the coming months you can expect to see a book “Money Works’ by Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw. The book covers the research on ‘what works’ to ensure children from low income families get a fair go. The book addresses the role of unconditional cash assistance for low-income parents. Jess will continue to speak and write on social and some health issues (though with less regularity than Geoff Simmons did). Jess will also start a project on affordable and social housing in 2017.

Paul Young will continue his strong focus on the environment and climate change, following up his three reports on the Governments behaviour with regard to our climate change and fresh water policies.

I will continue my work in obesity prevention and conservation and take on the role of managing the day to day of the organisation. We will also continue to take on interns and researchers as needed.

Geoff Simmons and Nick Tansley have taken a leave of absence to join Gareth at The Opportunities Party (TOP). 

How do I follow the Morgan Foundations work?

You can sign up to our newsletter, follow us on our new Morgan Foundation Facebook page, and you can still find us at The Morgan Foundation website.

We will continue to provide thoughtful, engaging content that challenges old ideas and brings new evidence based thinking on how we can create a prosperous society that is fair for all.

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