A frequent traveler to Sri Lanka, Mary Taylor saw the devastation of the 2004 tsunami. Just days after the tsunami, she set up “Project Oru 100”. Her aim was to replace 100 outrigger boats (orus) for a fishing community on the Southern coast.

In just 15 months Mary raised the necessary $75,000 for the orus through fund-raising dinners and speeches around New Zealand. Her next step, “Project Ice” raised funds to build a $115,000 ice plant so fishermen can store their fish without spoilage. Mary’s “Project Tuk Tuk” has raised $30,000 for a fleet of 3-wheeler refrigerated vehicles to take the fish to market. This 3 step programme enables isolated fishing community to once again be self sufficient. You can bet Mary will then look to replicate this success amongst other tsunami-struck villages. For more info see www.foodmatters.co.nz

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