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Just back from India, there’s something about that country that is totally captivating. It was our third visit and I don’t think we’ll ever tire of the place. This time we were up in the northeast and it reminds me very much of the Darjeeling area. Returning to Kolkata which we last visited eight years ago, I get the impression that that town has moved ahead quite a bit. Certainly the average living standards in India seem to be quite markedly above Bangladesh now – which you couldn’t really say ten years ago. But the country still has that madcap buzz about it, the roads seem like suicide missions and everybody is so incredibly politie – like the British were once. Indeed in some ways they speak English more correctly than the average Brit nowadays which is ironic.

But they still haven’t managed to get control of their garbage, most of their buildings are unfinished, and sanitation is – well it isn’t really.

For all of that I love the place – so much so I could imagine having a house in the Himalayan foothills, just to give me a reason to keep going back. It’s one of the world’s most wonderful destinations.

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