Applications for funding for charitable purposes are welcome and should be forwarded to the addresses below. However in order not to waste your time and ours applicants should familiarise themselves with the priorities of the Foundation — outlined as; The objective of the trustees is to use the funds for philanthropic endeavour with the priorities being:

  • to reduce income and wealth inequities by assisting those at most disadvantage
  • to provide a humanitarian response to those in need
  • to HAVE FUN participating in the above

Necessarily it is the case that most of the Foundation’s financial assistance finds its way to people in the poorest parts of the world. It is here where each dollar can have the most impact, as measured by outcomes per dollar spent. However the Foundation is a New Zealand-originated endeavour and insofar as it can meet the above objectives and involve New Zealanders, it will. In this context the trustees endeavour to;

  • Participate in some regional New Zealand projects, with emphasis on involving local communities
  • Fund overseas projects that have a New Zealand on-the-ground involvement, most commonly by volunteers

Applications can be made by contacting:

Donations Unfortunately we are not set up to accept donations from the public, our mandate is to manage the Morgan Foundation charitable activities only. However we do work with other major donors as co-investors in charitable projects. This is an efficient approach as having a network of like-minded donors enables us all to participate without the duplication of cost that comes from replicating overheads. If you think you might be interested in that approach to philanthropy, feel free to contact us.

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