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The new British Prime Minister Theresa May has recognised that the Brexit result was a symptom of a divided society. We are seeing similar issues around the world in the Australian election and the rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. In this week’s Face to Face we discuss these trends and what New Zealand can learn from them with economist and author of Generation Rent Shamubeel Eaqub.

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Gareth Morgan is a New Zealand economist and commentator on public policy who in previous lives has been in business as an economic consultant, funds manager, and professional company director. He is also a motorcycle adventurer and philanthropist. Gareth and his wife Joanne have a charitable foundation, the Morgan Foundation, which has three main stands of philanthropic endeavour – public interest research, conservation and social investment.

4 Comments on “Face to Face with Shamubeel Eaqub”

  1. The “BREXIT would have failed if young people voted is not correct
    This canard was due to an early misrepresentation that said that only 30% young people voted
    The correct figure was over 60% – still less than us old fossils but not disastrously less
    If the young had voted at the 70%+ level that the over 65’s voted at then yes BREXIT would have failed but 60%+ is still a decent figure

    People keep saying that the neoliberal nonsense was required and that although some of the changes went too far it was beneficial on the whole
    I call – Bullshit!
    None of the changes were beneficial – they were ALL wrong and have ALL contributed to our current disaster

    I can’t think of a single change that has been found to be beneficial in the long term

  2. We have a government that mouths the words democracy. Yet like most before it. Fails to implement it.

    The most democratic thing John Key’s government has done is a flag referendum not many wanted.

    Yet when it came to the power station sell-downs John Key had concrete in his ears. And democracy was a word found somewhere in a dictionary. But not in politics. But dictatorship was alive and well and extremely fat and well feed.
    As once more a government headed for it’s party agenda. Not the electors that voted them in.

    Is it any wonder folk feel disenfranchised?

    Kiwi are a giving and generous lot. But I for one draw the line at giving away my country. Which governments for some time seem hell bent on doing. Not just national, labor as well. With the sanction of the minor parties baring NZ first. Who has spoken out.

    I just hope I live to see the day politicians out of their own pockets pay for the misery they have sown in this country. By either instigating bad policy from a kiwi point of view or not standing up and shouting the house down as a warning to the folk who elected them into office.

    Not all of the long term unemployed want to be unemployed. But with massive immigration by both major parties that have been marginalized. From near enough to 100% employed in the country. To thousands on the dole. And more who cannot claim the dole as they have a partner working.
    Most down to government policy to import workers instead of training our own.

    Sometime today we hit 4.7 million people living in NZ. I wonder did chance make that person a new born Kiwi, or and immigrant crossing the border into NZ. 3 million Kiwi. 1.7 million born overseas.

    Disappointed in the governments doesn’t come close to the sense of betrayal I feel. For what they have engineered.


  3. Brexit, contrary to Shamubeel’s assertions will be the making of the U.K. Two facts:
    1. The U.K. Has already started talks with the US on a FTA. This despite Obama’s threats.
    2. The U.K. Is VWs largest export market. Is Merkel going to walk away from that?
    Over the next weeks the ability of the U.K to move ahead without the 10,000 faceless bureaucrats earning 450000 plus euros in Brussels will become evident.

    Every stone that is turned can now be customised to the UKs benefit.

    Scotland’s exit from the UK is unlikely with the depletion of North Sea oil. If it does it will have the same fate as Greece, except without the sun.

  4. BREXIT was a surprise, for GB I hope it will be an amicable divorse , where neither Europe nor GB throw away the baby with the bath water. For the EU Commission and Westminster, it is a wake up call that the equity gap, leads to disenfranchised people and the consequence of this has been seen many times in the past and more recently this week in Nice. So while not throwing away all that has been gained with Neoliberalism, perhaps making ALL people, current and future, the point of any decision, will change things economically, socially and environmentally for the better. Lose the self interest, greed, and political dogma and idiologies, celebrate the individual and the community, success and generosity etc…

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