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Our Far south BooksI have been privileged enough to make a once in a lifetime trip to Antarctica, twice. In 2008 I went to Antarctica with a group of mates on a voyage that opened my eyes to the wonder of the area south of New Zealand. Joanne and I spent the whole trip marveling at the teeming life of the subantarctic islands, the fury of the Southern Ocean and the twisted, chiseled white shapes of Antarctica.

In February 2012 ten experts, forty ordinary Kiwis and one bear mascot (named after the explorer Shackleton) set off on an adventure we called Our Far South. On that voyage we got to rub shoulders with New Zealand’s top experts on everything from the Antarctic Treaty to marine mammals to the impacts of melting ice sheets on sea level.

The result of the journey has been a series of four books which are being released today.

Note that all proceeds from “A Happy Feat” and “Ice, Mice and Men” go to the Million Dollar Mouse Fund.

A Happy FeetA Happy Feat : Voyage to the end of Our Far South

You might call A Happy Feat an armchair travel book. Join me and the crew on our voyage of discovery as we mix with penguins, albatross, seals, elephant seals, sea lions and whales along the way. Hear all about the issues – the race for resources on the Frozen Continent and in the Southern Ocean, the effects of over-fishing, climate change and habitat destruction – facing the region. But enjoy also the antics 50 people can get up to and the discomforts that we go through rocking and rolling upon the Southern Ocean for 30 days….. Learn More.

Ice, Mice, and Men: The Issues Facing Our Far South

Ice, Mice and Men provides an evidence-based assessment of the challenges facing this precious and fragile region. The race to exploit resources has been underway for three centuries, and as it escalates globally the fate of the southern continent comes into question. Pressure from human activity is threatening biodiversity of the region including the burgeoning impact from climate change. Damage done to Our Far South will have profound implications, both for New Zealand and right across the globe…. Learn more.

Our Far south BooksOur Far South – a photographic study

Our Far South is a high quality photography book by photographer and adventurer Mike Wilkinson. The study spans the Southern Ocean from Snares, Campbell, and Auckland Islands, and on to the Ross Sea and the Antarctic Continent. These regions are portrayed by beautiful, sweeping, high-resolution colour photographs that capture the scale, remoteness and the wildlife as well as the remnants of the historic expeditions, in ways not previously achieved….. Pre order the book now.

Shackleton Bear goes SouthShackleton Bear goes south

On our journey south we took along a bear called Shackleton. Ever since he learned that he is named after a famous polar explorer, Shackleton Bear has known that it is his destiny to go to the South Pole. Shackleton Bear goes south is one bear’s story about our beautiful Our Far South. Children of all ages will love to join New Zealand’s best-known bear on his voyage of discovery, seeing what he sees as he encounters all the wildlife and the natural wonders of this special part of the world… Get Shackleton bear goes south for your kids now.




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