Why I’m gunning for your cat

Gareth MorganEnvironment

This is a follow up to a piece that was published in the Southland Times titled “Steward Island Moggies May Get Their Marching Orders“. Basically the article talks about my wish to make Stewart Island the world’s first pest-free community. … Read More

Q&A interview with Russel Norman

Gareth MorganEconomics, Environment

Last Sunday Russel Norman and I were on Q&A and were talking about the Green Parties economic policy. Here is the video below if you missed it. What did you think about the interview? Is it possible for us to … Read More

Not So Pure

Gareth MorganEnvironment

We live in times of great prosperity – at least measured via conventional means such as GDP or national income per capita. Income per head is three times what it was fifty years ago in 1960, which is progress for … Read More