Geopolitics of the TPP

Gareth MorganEconomics

As we New Zealanders wring our hands, concerned over the loss of sovereignty that the TPP (Trans Pacific Trade and Investment Partnership) might imply for us, we should at least spare a thought for the bigger game of which that … Read More

Time for an OECD check up

Geoff SimmonsEconomics, Tax and Welfare

Today saw the release of the OECD report about Aotearoa New Zealand. As a part of being part of the rich countries club, we get a regular economic check up from the OECD doctor. So, everyone please pop on this … Read More

TPPA Negotiation Tactics: Why the Secrecy?

Gareth MorganEconomics

It’s a couple of months since we last wrote on the TPPA, has anything happened since? Only more evidence that the expectations of those involved in the process continue to be set back – which seems to be the nature … Read More