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Thanks to the fenced predator free sanctuary Zealandia, Wellingtonians have enjoyed the return of kaka to the Capital. Over the past decade we have watched their numbers grow to over 200, and sightings of them have spread over the city.

As numbers grow they are increasingly forced to leave the safety of Zealandia and find other places they can breed. Unfortunately without mature forest around, kaka can’t find the sort of places they like – hollow tree trunks. Step aside Auckland, Wellington has it’s own housing shortage!

In response to this problem, Angus and Matt have created a kaka nest that simulates a hollow trunk, and is safe from predators. On top of that, with support from Wellington City Council and the Morgan Foundation (through Enhancing the Halo), Angus and Matt have installed a camera in the nest to allow all of us watch the kaka chicks grow! Click out the link at the bottom of this blog to watch these loveable critters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tweet your friends, it’s like Beak Brother!

The box should keep predators out while they are growing, however the kaka chicks will still face immense dangers when they leave the nest, as initially they can’t fly. That is why it is important that you keep your dog on its lead and prevent your cat from wandering as much as possible.

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