The Solomon Islands comprises a group of 922 islands spread out over 28,500 square kms. Most of the population of approximately 550,000 live in small villages along the coastline, and are supported by subsistence farming and fishing.  A large percentage of the population is made up of youth.  In 2009, 50.5% of the total population was in the 0-19 year age group.   Large child populations place a huge strain on national and provincial governments to meet the health, education and welfare needs of children. Although major gains have been made in the reduction of child health globally, in the Solomon Islands deaths of new borns still account for between 45%-50% of under –five deaths. This programme aims to reduce child mortality rates by providing

  • Improved access to early antenatal care visits, birth preparedness, nutrition counselling & safe delivery health services for pregnant women.
  • Improved access to community based care for newborns and mother through home visits
  • Increased access to newborn quality health services including management of low birth weight, basic resuscitation, and treatment of sepsis.
  • Increased access to and utilisation of family planning information and services, including male and female contraceptive methods.


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