Politicians reach a new low on tax

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Wouldn’t it be nice if elections were about uncovering the best government policies and the best people to implement them? Isn’t that why we have a democracy in the first place? Well, we can kiss that illusion goodbye. Take a … Read More

Come on Bill, at least tax the Rich fairly

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Enough ducking of the issues! Bill English’s response to Oxfam’s report about rising wealth inequality was to point to a government report which suggests income inequality hasn’t got worse over the last ten years. In other words the Minister doesn’t … Read More

Migration matters for house prices

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They say a picture can paint a thousand words – so let’s save words and cut straight to the chase on the issue of immigration and house prices…     Over the past two decades migration has had a strong … Read More

Federated Farmers need to own their shit

Labour fires the first shot on water quality

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The media may have ignored it but Labour Deputy David Parker’s speech at the Cashmere Club last week was well worth a listen. In that speech, Parker delivered a clear message to farmers. Degradation of water quality in New Zealand’s … Read More

NZ top of the world on life quality

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It’s a result that might surprise many in New Zealand. Good ol’ Godzone is actually getting something right. Despite being a relatively poor member of the moderately rich country club, on a global scale we’re best overall at achieving three … Read More

Does Labour have a hobbit as leader?

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By Susan Guthrie and Geoff Simmons  Bilbo Baggins and David Shearer have a lot in common, not least the preference for a quiet life. “We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make … Read More

Capital taxes versus capital gains tax

Susan GuthrieTax and Welfare

Assets are things people own that produce a stream of benefits every year. Another name for assets is ‘capital’. Some assets produce ready cash – think of the interest term deposits produce for you or the rent tenants pay landlords. … Read More