2016: The Year Climate Change Got Crazy

Paul YoungEnvironment

2016… it’s felt like living in a history book at times. The spate of iconic celebrity deaths. The earthquakes. And of course, the disruptive politics of Brexit, Donald Trump, and now for New Zealanders, the unexpected resignation of our Prime … Read More

Dirty NZ Steel needs to come clean

Paul YoungEnvironment

Yesterday our new report, Who’s the Real Cheat Here?, revealed New Zealand Steel as one of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ – the 12 companies that bought the most fraudulent foreign carbon credits to cover their emissions. NZ Steel has already been … Read More

Electricity: The Price isn’t Right

Paul YoungEconomics, Environment

Specialist energy and economics consultancy Concept Consulting has released a new report looking at the economics of new energy technologies in New Zealand – solar PV, electric vehicles and batteries. The report exposes the big problem at the heart of … Read More

Year to year temp change

It’s getting (very) hot in here

Paul YoungEnvironment

It’s been a sweltering Kiwi summer, and analysis released last week shows we aren’t the only ones feeling the heat. First NASA and then NOAA (the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) released their latest global temperature data showing that … Read More

New Zealand – the climate Grinch

Paul YoungEnvironment

Earlier this month, the world received some very welcome news that global CO2 emissions are projected to fall in 2015 – the first time this has ever happened while the global economy has grown. Assuming it’s accurate, the world mainly … Read More