Whiteboard Friday: What’s Peter Dunne?

Gareth MorganEnvironment

This week Peter Dunne announced the United Future environmental policy: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA1609/S00004/dunne-speaks-six-steps-to-future-proof-the-environment.htm No one seemed to notice, but we did! This Whiteboard Friday is all about the six steps Peter announced. The one area where we outright disagree with Peter is … Read More

Microchipping the cats of Upper Hutt

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Wellington City Council has led the country by including cats in their Animal Bylaw, making microchipping of cats mandatory. Now we have our next opportunity to move towards a Predator Free Wellington, with Upper Hutt consulting on their Animal Bylaw. … Read More

We should all have the opportunity to benefit from our fresh water resource in the way that commercial water users (such as farmers) do.

Freshwater – How do we share?

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Following the outbreak of campylobacter, Havelock North residents now face a potential water shortage this summer. The full costs of commercial water use and pollution are starting to be felt by ordinary people. It is becoming increasingly clear that clean … Read More

Wadeable rivers nz e coli

The True Cost of Wadeable Rivers

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The water contamination scandal in Havelock North has had an untold cost on the people and economy of the region. Schools have been shut down and businesses have been at a stand still. While we don’t know the source of … Read More

Are we doing enough to save the NZ sea lion?

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The New Zealand sea lion is considered nationally critical – the highest risk category DOC has. We don’t know what the population is, but the best indicator we have is pup numbers, which fell 50% from 1998-2008, and stayed stable … Read More

Talk Treaty at Wellington Airport

Gareth MorganTreaty

It’s been one year since the launch of Talk Treaty. We’re proud to celebrate the opening of this exhibit at Wellington airport. Make sure you check it out or you can watch online at http://talktreaty.org.nz Talk Treaty at Wellington Airport … Read More