A Budget for our Times

Gareth MorganEconomics, Tax and Welfare

It was a nothing budget and that’s precisely what’s needed – at least insofar as government spend, revenue and balance is concerned. If taxes had been raised significantly then austerity  would have risked a recession; if spending had been ramped … Read More

Appeal ruling step towards care rethink

Gareth MorganTax and Welfare

The recent Appeal Court ruling about payments to families who provide home-based care for their disabled family members confirms that New Zealand social policies – not just health but early childcare and welfare benefits too – are discriminatory and a … Read More

Capital Tax the Best Option for Economy

Gareth MorganTax and Welfare

In its election campaign Labour promoted a capital gains tax. That at least recognises that we have a terrible hole in our tax base, and what results is a misallocation of capital to the detriment of the economy. Capital Tax … Read More

Inequality will Lead us to a Grim Future

Gareth MorganTax and Welfare

Prime Minister John Key’s newly elected government should be bold enough to confront the message from a December 5 OECD report. It confirms rising inequality in developed economies is a major problem that needs addressing urgently – and yes, New … Read More