Health Sector Needs More User Pays, Less Nanny State

Geoff SimmonsHealth

Some people label ideas like a junk food tax as ‘nanny state’, but ultimately such soundbites are overly simplistic, because we already have a situation where the state interferes in our lives. Are unhealthy people such as smokers or people … Read More

Should you get your child immunised?

Gareth MorganHealth

In the book, Health Cheque, Geoff and I found that in terms of health, prevention is more effective than cure by a factor of four to one. So the Morgan Foundation retains an interest in the issue of prevention, which led … Read More

Time to talk about real food, not nutrients

Geoff SimmonsHealth

The debate over whether cholesterol and saturated fat or sugar and refined carbohydrates are the greatest dietary evil has once again raised its ugly head. These arguments between nutritionists leave people confused in their quest for a longer, healthier life. … Read More

National Minister’s stance on exercise all puff

Geoff SimmonsHealth

As we head into summer, our minds turn to thinking about how to squeeze into the same swimwear we wore last year. Our new health minister Jonathan Coleman has the goal to ‘slim the nation’, by bringing together his roles … Read More