Flying Fatties: Who’s at fault?

Gareth MorganHealth

A couple of years ago Air New Zealand’s April Fools prank was the launch of a new ‘pay what you weigh’ fare. This year Air Samoa made that concept a reality by charging its passengers by weight. It doesn’t matter … Read More

Addict or Idiot: Is Coke Responsible for Death?

Gareth MorganHealth

Recently a coroner’s report fingered excessive consumption of Coca Cola in the death of an Invercargill woman. She apparently drank 10 litres per day – the coroner estimated that this was 2 times the recommended maximum daily amount of caffeine, … Read More

Euthanasia Only Tip of the Iceberg

Gareth MorganHealth

I have been reading the news from India and talking to Geoff who co-authored the book Health Cheque with me a couple of years ago. One thing we discussed in the book was issues around end of life care. To … Read More

What does the Budget Mean for Healthcare?

Gareth MorganHealth

Healthcare was the big winner in the budget, signalling that it remains a priority for the Government. With a ‘health inflation’ rate of about 4%, this budget will still probably feel like a cut for most DHBs. Yet this budget … Read More

End of life costs in New Zealand

Gareth MorganHealth, Tax and Welfare

Speaking of those that bleat the loudest, last week Counties Manukau DHB (CMDHB) released a report in the New Zealand Medical Journal about the costs of treatment in the last year of life. Each of the 2290 people that died … Read More