Five Reasons to Put a Price on Water

Geoff SimmonsEnvironment

In recent days both Environment Minister Nick Smith and Prime Minister John Key have spoken extensively about fresh water. They continue to claim that nobody owns water, and that therefore commercial operators should not pay to use it. Regardless of … Read More

WCC proposing microchipping in Animal Bylaw

Gareth MorganEnvironment

WCC are proposing some changes to the Animal Bylaw which would encourage responsible cat ownership and help manage strays. And to get the changes made the public need to put in their views. We’ve created a quick submission for you … Read More

Top 5 Worst Responses to our Climate Cheats Report

Geoff SimmonsEnvironment

Our “Climate Cheats” report released on Monday argued that our Government has been an accessory to climate fraud. We’ve had great responses, including agreement from New Zealand’s top scientists, endorsement from the Dominion Post, coverage in France and Australia and … Read More