Electricity: The Price isn’t Right

Paul YoungEconomics, Environment

Specialist energy and economics consultancy Concept Consulting has released a new report looking at the economics of new energy technologies in New Zealand – solar PV, electric vehicles and batteries. The report exposes the big problem at the heart of … Read More

Why Congestion Charging is Great for Auckland

Geoff SimmonsEconomics

In something of a U-turn the Government has finally agreed that congestion charging (a.k.a. tolls) is an important tool for Auckland – something we have been arguing for some time. This is great news for Aucklanders and the rest of … Read More

Fact check: John Key & Steven Joyce on housing

Geoff SimmonsEconomics

In a speech on Friday, Prime Minister John Key claimed that under National, twice as many new houses were being built as under Labour. Steven Joyce followed that up by stating “Auckland’s housing problems are a regulatory issue, primarily, and … Read More

Geoff Simmons legalising cannabis in New Zealand

Geoffonomics: Ghost houses

Geoff SimmonsEconomics

Every fortnight Geoff Simmons talks with Jesse Mulligan on RNZ’s Afternoons programme about a variety of economic issues This week they cover the housing crisis and the impact of “ghost” houses. www.rnz.co.nz/jesse #geoffonomics Geoffonomics: Ghost houses was last modified: June … Read More

Moving Freight to Rail and Shipping Makes Sense

Geoff SimmonsEconomics

Yesterday the Greens announced a policy to shift road freight to rail and shipping, aiming to reduce accidents and pollution. To achieve this they propose funding rail from the same budget that currently goes to roads. Given this is a … Read More