Living with a Low Income in New Zealand –
Stories From the Trenches

The Morgan Foundation is conducting research into what works best to ensure families and children living with low incomes in New Zealand get a fair go.

While doing this work we have noticed that many people give those on low incomes, especially parents with children, a pretty hard time. Some people think that because those on a benefit receive public money, they have the right to make judgments about their life and their choices. Others think that those on low incomes don’t work hard or care about their children.

We know that some of the stuff people say – even WINZ staff – about and to families on low incomes is just wrong, rude and sometimes it is downright shocking.

We’d like to hear your stories about such experiences.

If you are a family with children living on a low income (or have been in the past) this is the opportunity for you to share your story from the trenches.

You have the option to share this anonymously if you are more comfortable.

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