Gringos Across the Amazon (MOBI)




Winding through the steamy jungle, taking many unexpected twists and turns, narrowing in places and speeding up, spreading out in others and slowing to a walking pace – Gringos Across the Amazon is Gareth and Joanne Morgan’s latest, epic motorcycling adventure. Climb aboard and hold on tight as they close the loop on the South American continent riding Brazil, across (and up) the vast Amazon River, into the steamy equatorial jungles of Guyana, and out into the seamy dictatorial climes of Columbia and Venezuela. Then it’s hit the road for El Norte, heading up the isthmus of Central America through Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico. Enjoy with our intrepid duo the sights and sounds, the places and the people, and endure the rigours and the risks, the mishaps and misadventure of expedition motorcycling. Gareth and Jo narrate their journey with their usual blind of wit and wisdom — making Gringos Across the Amazon a delight for riders and readers alike.

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